Our Story

The ButtaNutt Story
ButtaNutt is a proudly South African nut butter producer that hand-crafts a series of authentic tree nut spreads using local & natural ingredients, with a core focus on Macadamia spreads.
Founder Antoine van Heerden’s school holidays were spent harvesting macadamia nuts on his parent’s farm on the banks of the Sabie River. South Africa is the largest producer of Macadamia nuts in the world, predominantly exporting to China. During Antoine’s final year of Mechanical Engineering at Stellenbosch University, he started roasting, blending and selling over the weekends at a local Slowfood Market. Antoine enrolled for his Masters in 2014 but before the end of the summer, had dropped out to focus on ButtaNutt full time.   
Production is in a company owned facility in Paarl, which is free of any other allergens including Peanuts. ButtaNutt’s spreads and snacks are made with a minimalist philosophy, free from any added sugars, preservatives, stabilizers or oils.
“ButtaNutt is a health food, but it’s also delicious. The perfect balance!” The ButtaNutt range is made with dry-roasted tree nuts - macadamias, almonds, pecans and cashews.
We pride ourselves in sourcing only the finest local nuts, farm direct if possible. Our pecan nuts are farmed on the banks of the Orange River, our almonds are from the Klein Karoo, while our macadamias are sourced from farmers and their processors in Mpumalanga.
Our spreads are available in 250g Glass Jars and 32g Squeeze Packs. In 2018 ButtaNutt retailed its first 1kg jars as a better value option for our high use clients. During 2020 ButtaNutt launched both into the dairy alternative category with three variants: Almond Milk, Macadamia Milk and Oat Milk; as well as 100% Hi Oleic Peanut Butter, produced in a separate, allergen controlled facility. 
ButtaNutt is available in most major retail outlets in South Africa. During 2017 ButtaNutt started exporting and can be found in Singapore, Malaysia, Mauritius, UAE, China, Germany and now finally in the USA as of October 2021.